As you can see by this website, I've done a really poor job at narrowing down what exactly it is that I "do". When asked that question, "What do you do?" I've noticed that I could either pick just one thing and feel like I'm leaving out a part of myself in not mentioning the others; or I could list them all and feel like I'm being pretentious and off-putting. The solution that I usually pose, in writing at least, is that I say I'm a storyteller. An obsessive storyteller. And am fascinated in all aspects of it. I notice now in hindsight that that answer, in a way, is just the worst of both worlds... I picked one thing to say, and it's pretentious... But I think that's only if it's not sincere. I sincerely love telling a story, writing a story, acting out a story, putting together the pieces... whether they're ones I created or ones that I'm re-telling... It's almost all that I do, professionally and socially. I apologize in advance if and when you meet me, and all I do is proceed to tell you a long story. I hope I'm able to shut up and get to know more about you, since you've just learned the gist of myself by visiting this website. Thanks for reading/watching/listening.